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May 13th, 2011 by Dani

Friday Giveaway! Beadorable Designs

Hello, friends.

Today is Friday, which means that I’m exceedingly happy. It also means that my hubby leaves tonight for an all-fellas retreat and I will be left to fend for myself for TWO WHOLE DAYS. Oh dearie me.

I’m actually looking forward to some girl-time, because instead of looking doubtfully at a pair of cute shoes and asking “what are these for again?” the girls say “buy them! so cute! now let’s go lay by the pool,” which is quite nice, from time to time.

Gore-Tex necklace

But, despite my weekend plans being ever-so-riveting, that’s not what today’s post is about. Today, dear ones, I’m giving away a necklace from a great client and friend of mine, Beadorable Designs.

Molly, the owner/designer at Beadorable, makes these cute Gore-Tex necklaces that literally stand up to anything. I have one and I wear it ALL THE TIME. I also like it because I like thinking of myself as so hard-core that even my jewelry needs to be Gore-Tex because you just never know what mountain I’ll be climbing or lion I’ll be taming next. Delusions are nice, as I type from my comfy couch.

Isn’t it cute?! Seriously. I know you want it, so here’s how you can enter to win it for your very own self.

Mandatory Entry: “Like” Beadorable on Facebook, and comment on this post telling me that you did so. (You won’t get spammed. You’ll just see some cute stuff. Promise.)

Extra entries: Share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter. Follow Beadorable on Twitter. Like me on Facebook here, or follow me (@wranglerdani) on Twitter. For every extra entry, leave a comment telling me what you did! (If you already do any of these things, you can still get credit for it, just comment letting me know. I’m nice like that.)

Thanks for playing! I’ll leave the giveaway open over the weekend and announce a randomly selected winner on Monday afternoon. Good luck!

(Full disclosure: Beadorable is a marketing client of mine and they gave me this necklace to give to you. Just so’s we’re clear.)


13 Responses to “Friday Giveaway! Beadorable Designs”
  1. Cute, cute! I’m not as hard-core as you are, but I’d still love to win a snazzy necklace.

    I “like” both Beadorable and you, and of course I follow your witty Tweets. Happy girlie weekend, my dear!

  2. i now LIke beardorable on fb!!! great contest wrangler dani!

  3. Mary Lausche says

    Cute necklace

  4. Kirsten says

    Oooh!! So fun! I “liked” it on facebook 🙂

  5. Eileen Wright says

    I would also love to win this beautiful necklace! liked it on facebook.

  6. Thank you for a great post.

  7. Cute, cute, cute! I posted on Facebook and Tweeted!

  8. Amy Hill says

    I “like” Beadorable!

  9. I liked beadorable on fb 🙂 Yay for pretty necklaces

  10. I liked beadorable on fb. very cute stuff she makes. 🙂

  11. Very cute! I “liked” Beadorable” on facebook!! 🙂

  12. P.S. I also “liked” Wrangler Dani!!! 🙂

  13. Ashley N says

    I liked beadorable on facebook 🙂

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